Oxydus Branding

TUAFI‭, ‬or The United Abrahamic Family‭, ‬Inc‭., ‬came to us with the need to take their socially responsible vision and brand and turn it into something more tangible‭, ‬more investable‭, ‬and more memorable‭. ‬

We started with the name‭. ‬

Before‭: ‬The United Abrahamic Family‭, ‬Inc‭. ‬

Now‭: ‬Oxydus

A combination of the periodic table element‭, ‬Oxygen‭, ‬and Exodus of the old testament‭, ‬Oxydus is a strong modern name that feels‭ ‬advanced‭, ‬but has historical significance and meaning‭. ‬

This name pays homage to the Book of Exodus and the element of the heavens and skies that is scientifically referred to as Oxygen‭. ‬A huge theme that resonated with us in this name was salvation and hope for the future in finding the promised land‭. ‬A land that should exhibit the principles of Tikkun Olam once found‭. ‬

Oxydus seeks to bring peace and hope by aiding the world and creating water to save those in need‭. ‬